For my first ever blog…..drum roll…..yes, those of you who know me can laugh now, at the fact that I am actually writing a blog!  Way to join the 21st century, Matt!

Okay, on to more serious topics.  Self treatment.  When you come in to see me for treatment you will get some help with how you can help maintain your progress at home on your own, and maybe even progress further, even in between treatments.  Through myofascial stretching and/or using a ball to work on tight and restricted areas you will be  able to learn how to listen to what your body is telling you, feel releases and feel other areas that are connected that also need work.  Don’t worry if you don’t feel all of this at the beginning.  Stick with it, and you will become more and more sensitive to the subtleties.  Your body will thank you!

Here is an example of a simple myofascial stretch to try right now.  Take one of your arms and let it hang at your side, or better yet, at something like a 45 degree angle from your body.  Now point your fingers straight, and “telescope” your hand and arm…lengthen throughout the whole arm…pointing toward the floor…feel throughout the entire arm….into the shoulder too….where is it tight?… you feel restrictions?… it tingling anywhere?…..does it hurt anywhere?… you feel anything anywhere else in your body?….(remember…your fascial web winds throughout your whole body)….keep the gentle stretch going….you want to go for AT LEAST 2-3 minutes, perhaps more….now try slowly and gently moving your neck around until you feel a connection with what you are doing in your arm and shoulder….when you find that gentle “tug” or “pull” or connection, hold your neck (gently….always gently) in that position..breathe….breathe into the restriction or tug…..what else do you feel….what do you notice….maybe you feel a gentle letting go….kind of like pulling on taffy, or a melting  kind of feeling….if you do, let it happen…let that arm, or neck, or shoulder softly flow and move into its new positon….gently at that barrier again….the barrier where you just begin to feel the tug or pull….gentle….breathe….NEVER force…..feel….

After you feel several releases, or after a few minutes if you are just getting started and are not yet sure what you are feeling….very gently (have you gotten the idea yet about the gentle part? 🙂 ) let your arm and neck come back to a neutral position.  You can stop here…or if you felt something somewhere else….begin a gentle stretch there.  Listen to your body.  You will be surprised how much you can figure out to do with its help!