One of the things that most fascinates me about myofascial release is that you can always go deeper.  I guess that is probably true of just about any human endeavor truly worth doing.  With myofascial release, as taught by John Barnes, it can be simply structural work, but it can also be so, so much more.  It all depends on where you as the client want to go with it, and on having a therapist there with you who is willing to support you in your journey.

In my personal journey, myofascial release has helped me to access and integrate deeper parts of myself and to become a more authentic and whole person.  It has helped me to heal old traumas, from bicycle accidents to sexual abuse.  What an amazing gift it has been in my life.  I thought I was learning techniques to be able to help others with their physical pain- and I have!  But along the way, I have helped my own physical and emotional pain…and am now in turn able to better help others.  I feel so blessed in finding this work and in being able to share it.